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CoSpace Women's Empowerment Hub (WeHub) is a meeting space where entrepreneurial women can create and collaborate in a professional, productive manner. The platform provides our members with connections to other business experts, access to educational workshops, and visibility within the community, thus giving them the support they need to be prosperous.
The Mission of CoSpace Women's Empowerment Hub (WeHub)
To provide entrepreneurial women with a productive, professional work and meeting space, where they can connect with a like-minded community to collaborate and flourish.

The Vison of CoSpace Women's Empowerment Hub (WeHub)
To develop a "flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem" for Women.

WeHub Values
  • Friendship
  • Community
  • Individuality
  • Education

  • What we do?
    Spread the motto - Women Empowering Women - We want to inspire any ambitious women including housewives and show them that it is possible to build a career or business and enjoy a rewarding family life. At WeHub, you will find a female focussed supportive environment.

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    Member Benefits
    We expect the CoSpace WeHue to be comprised of hundreds of female entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs who support one another through collaboration, resources, referrals, feedback and mentoring.

    From this platform, we want new businesses to be spurred, funding secured and life-long friendships built. We want a group which aims to bring together women from all different backgrounds and cultures to socialise, learn and understand each other better without prejudice. We want you to find rewarding flexible work opportunities, using your talents to launch a freelance career, or starting your own successful business. Here, you are sure to find women in similar and related business situations that can assist you with the growth of your business. We want to serve women at all stages of business and in a variety of industries, including:

  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Personal services
  • Nonprofits

  • By joining CoSpace WeHub, you also become part of a community of like-minded ambitious women who are moving their dreams forward. In addition,

    • You will gain exclusive access to member-only events, extra exposure and unique networking opportunities discount at Cospace Art & Fashion Boutiques
    • Marketing opportunity of Cospace member products
    • Access to monthly road trips/Women Travel excursions, play groups and a variety of other Cospace activities and social events
    • Volunteer opportunities in the WeHub and in our charitiy programs
    • Invitations to art exhibitions, fashion shows, special events.
    • The opportunity to share ideas and information with other members with similar ideas and interests.
    • Opportunity to make use of the Conference hall at a concessional rate for birthday parties/small get-togethers and family meets of the members.

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    Membership is open to all women above 18 who want inspiration and also those who can inspire others. There will be 4 class of Membership as below :
    1) Motivated Member (For student of Age 18-25)
    2) Empowered member -(General membership for Housewives and Employees & small entrepreneurs)
    3) Inspired Member (For Business owners and entrepreneurs only)
    4) Enlightened Member (For established Business owners and entrepreneurs only)

    *** Benefits will differ depending on the type of Membership.

    Motivated members & Empowered Members will have the opportunity of mentored by the Empowered, Inspired and Enlightened Members. Inspired and Enlightened Members will be featured on the Cospace website and will play a leading role in all the activities. Enlightened Members' logo will be placed on the CoSpace website and will have the opportunity of nominated in the Advisory Panel of CoSpace (Subject to Trust decision) and will have speaking opportunity at the meetings.

    Facilities at the WeHub Centre
  • Located in the heart of Cochin
  • Co-working space just for women (Right now, only in Art & fashion Boutiques)
  • Weekly networking events
  • Regular educational seminars
  • Conference room
  • Meeting area for social meeting
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